A Few Words About Orange Corp

Orange Corp is a member Company of ORISSCO with presence in 26 countries. Being one of the of the leading Venture Capital companies under the Limited Partner category, the Company acts as business incubator apart from providing capital to efficiently run and grow the business for startups and early stage businesses. It also specialises in the field of business & financial advisory services with valued clientele ranging from Family Owned Business to Multinationals.

The motto is to provide “Knowledge based guidance for Sustainable Growth” keeping in tune with the Global standards & competition. In turn what is passed on is value for money and a roadmap for better tomorrow.

The team of professionals possess vast experience in technical, techno-commercial, commercial, finance & corporate governance to analyse critical business behaviour with high values that does not change with time and irrespective of size of the business.

The team stands for the highest level of integrity, efficiency and time bound actions with attitude for handholding during rough times. In-house experts comprising of technical & financial analysts with two decades of experience in conducting research and surveys to understand changing industry behaviour and client requirements. These learnings help to formulate the strategy suitable to client’s business size and scope of operation.

Research Works

On Indian Footwear Industry

India is the second largest global producer of footwear after China, accounting for 16% of global footwear production. The Indian footwear industry is valued at US $35 billion and is expected to reach $60 billion in the ...

On Solar Panel Manufacturing

High investment & low returns making it difficult for solar panel manufacturers to sustain in severe competition.

Scarcity of good quality EVA films continues and markets are flus...

On Indian Television Industry

The ongoing transformation of the TV distribution chain from analogue to digital (through adoption of DTH and the ongoing digitisation drive for cable TV) and rising consumption of E&M content (TV shows, news, film...

Orange Corp

Think Ahead

Performance is the keyword and results follow. A business needs to plan keeping in tune with the changing circumstances and should learn when to be steady or to accelerate & where to pause. Looking Ahead provides the information as to what is there in store tomorrow. However, that is not enough unless right action is taken either to take control or correct the steps while continuing to move forward. Thus it is always necessary to THINK and take informed decisions AHEAD of any changing circumstances and this collate to practicing “THINK AHEAD” before it is late.

Orange Corp

Knowledge Based Guidance for Sustainable Growth

Knowledge comes from one’s education or experience or both and is a never ending procedure. Practise makes one perfect and knowledge provides precision.

Orange Corp is committed to learn and pass on the learning to its clients so as to ensure reduction in wastages & rework, reduction in carbon footprint and efficient use of resources. This will in turn ensure orderly growth which can be sustained and will not lead distress.

Orange Corp

Leave It To The Experts

You don’t need to worry about all the possible solutions to your problem; you just need to know the ‘best’ one! With us everything is organised, systematic and fast paced to give you the maximum benefit in the minimum timeline.

When we are dealing with your problems, you can easily keep your worries for us to handle and take back with yourself your peace of mind, because you are here in the hands of the experts !

Orange Corp

Building Blocks Of Our Past Help In Building A Better Future

No leaf goes unturned from our years of experience to give our clients what they need most.

We have worked not only in the most difficult and diverse sectors but also with the most valued clients in the industry.

When it comes to give you the best possible financial advice, our experience comes to the forefront to lead the way ahead.

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