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Almost every organization is faced with the need to know the value of its assets be it traditional assets, intellectual property, customer and supplier relationships, know-how or technology.Regulatory compliance requires both public and private companies to assess the fair value of recorded goodwill and identifiable intangible assets from time to time. Our endeavour is to assist organizations in making well informed business and investment decisions both from a buyer as well as a seller’s perspective.


1. Valuation of Tangible Assets

Near accurate estimations are provided using scientific tools to generate value of tangible assets be it Property, Plants & Machinery & Equipments if liquidated within a specified time frame.This also includes valuation for leasing Companies for arriving at the residual value in the event of bad debt or buy backs.

2. Valuation of Intellectual Property including knowhow

Intellectual Property valuation is done to arrive at the value the patent, goodwill or knowhow will provide for the remaining period of its enforceability. This is done by our experts keeping in tune with the Global standards considering 314 factors by the ways of patent indexes, renewal & licensing opportunities in the relevant sector along with claim scope. Each industry is different and hence, evaluation parameters are different for variable & fixed factors in each case.The need for valuation of intellectual property can be both for internal as well as for external use. Hence, it is needed to understand the process before the price is negotiated between the buyer & seller. It is to be further noted that valuation of intellectual property is not a standalone process but is bundled with other factors which directly or indirectly influence the business be it marketing techniques and customer lists, operating procedures or management skills.

3. Business Transfer Pricing

Business transfer pricing is an estimation of economic value for transfer of ownership rights in business. This is the price one of willing to pay or receive to effect a sale of business.Transfer pricing can be done either in case of the Going Concern or when the business is going in for Liquidation.Pricing is done on the basis of valuation of all assets be it tangible or intangible post netting its liabilities including provisions & liabilities of contingent nature.The price which the business will fetch within specified time frame will be governed by various assumptions which may not reflect the actual market scenario in which the current business is being priced. However, valuations are based on accepted valuation techniques and market intelligence gather during the process of valuation which is fair for both buyer and seller.

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