Family Business Management

Services : Family Business Management

Success in family run business depends on nexus between the family members & professionals.Willingness of get out of the cocoon with the right planning to survive the competition and taking decisions at the right time ensures success. Family run businesses are often faced with the challenge of low or negative growth inspite of having required resources and are unable to find a way out. We focus on the relevant issues & handhold to lead the business on growth path.

Services Offered :

  1. Management Analysis
    • This service includes understanding of the core competency level and the willingness to be flexible according to the business needs.
    • Ascertaining the assets liability status of individual stakeholder and of the combined total.
    • Benchmarking performance with respect to the specified industry
    • Analysing shortcomings and suggestion suitable actions
  2. Diversification & Planning
    • Ascertain the possibility & willingness to invest in new business
    • Short listing of industry & business for the desired investment
    • Plan for the start & make the roadmap for a minimum time frame of operation
    • Train members to monitor & control irregularities
    • Revisit planning & guide implementation
  3. Resource Planning
    • Planning of fund requirement & possible sources of low cost funds
    • Coordinating with Lenders & negotiate on the pricing
    • Fund drawdown & deployment scheduling
    • Fund Control Matrix
    • Ascertaining of competent manpower requirement outside family members
    • Job Allocation & handover.
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