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Services : Integrated Services For Films


The last few years have observed a rapid change in people’s taste for films. Old concepts are soon becoming outdated and newer, smarter movies are making their way into the list of hit films. Keeping this in mind, Orange Corp has come up with its own production that will produce content driven, modern age cinema that is ready to grab the audience’s attention in no time. Years of research help us analyse the trends of the industry and act accordingly.

Orange Corp is also open to co-production, provided the concept of the film is as par the standards outlined by Orange Corp and is also the company’s specific USP driven. Hindi and English films are the main focus areas, however, Bengali films may also be considered based on merit.


In the revolutionary age of media, the right PR and publicity can take a film to new heights. Our process of PR and publicity starts from Day 1, even before the pre-production stage has begun. Designing the promotion is as important for the success of the film as scriptwriting is to filmmaking. Our experts are highly experienced in designing unique promotional activities for each film, based on its strengths and weaknesses.


Film release is fast becoming a very specialized job. A film needs to be released in the right number of halls throughout the country and also abroad in order to reach the target viewers. Orange Corp offers a highly secured release platform through various industry giants, so that a film gets the maximum possible reach with minimum hassles.


We provide funding for films as a joint producer on a profit sharing basis, and also take the responsibility of monitoring the entire process of filmmaking in order to ascertain that the timeline is adhered to in a professional manner, also maintaining high quality standards at all times. In addition to this, our decade worth of experience in the film industry allows us to provide professional management services to producers and filmmakers alike for successful completion and profitable running of their projects.

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