International & Domestic Contracts Vetting

Services : International & Domestic Contracts Vetting

Contract vetting has become a basic necessity with respect to the prevailing laws of land and in case where multiple countries are involved it is even critical to understand what lies beneath. This applies not only to normal sale or purchase contract but also in case where intellectual rights are involved or be it mergers & acquisitions.

Wrong interpretation or ignorance of law may lead to serious direct or consequential liabilities especially in case of international contracts where Companies tend to lose control on their business.

Services Offered :

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Accounting aspects of sale and purchase contracts
  3. Warranties & Indemnities
  4. International laws governing & interpretations there off
  5. Negotiating of objections raised & suitable resolution
  6. Drafting of contract with increased clarity of terms
  7. Acting as arbitrator in case of independent appointment
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