On Indian Footwear Industry

Research : On Indian Footwear Industry

India is the second largest global producer of footwear after China, accounting for 16% of global footwear production. The Indian footwear industry is valued at US $35 billion and is expected to reach $60 billion in the next 10 years. It produces 2065 million pairs of different categories of footwear (leather footwear - 909 million pairs, leather shoe uppers - 100 million pairs and non-leather footwear - 1056 million pairs). India exports about 115 million pairs. Thus, nearly 95% of its production goes to meet its own domestic demand.

To further assist the process of growth in this industry, the Government has permitted 100% Foreign Direct Investment through the automatic route for the footwear sector. There has been active interest in collaborating with Indian Footwear companies from European countries like Italy, Spain and Portugal. Nearly 90% of India's export of footwear goes to European Countries and the USA. Future growth of Indian footwear in India will continue to be market driven. The European countries and the US are major consumers for the Indian footwear.

As footwear retailing in India remain focused on men's shoes, there exists a plethora of opportunities in the exclusive ladies' and kids' footwear segment with no organized retailing chain having a national presence in either of these categories. The Indian footwear market scores over other footwear markets as it gives benefits like low cost of production, abundant raw material, and has huge consumption market.

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