Project Finance

Services : Project Finance

It is a continuous challenge for developing countries to source finance for its projects at the cheapest rate and hence deciding on the right instrument plays a vital role during the process. Hasty decisions are made to beat the timelines or where substantial time has been wasted while knocking on the wrong doors.

It is not necessary that existing banker or financial institutions would make available the correct instrument of finance unless comfort is derived from the Company or Groups past performances, projections and industry trends.

Companies thinking big and desirous of putting up investments behind projects should keep in mind that sourcing of funds is a continuous process and there is always scope for improvement to cut down on the costs.

Services Offered :

  1. Guidance on approach of looking into sourcing of funds
  2. Evaluation of existing banking arrangement
  3. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR)
  4. Identification of right instrument for finance
  5. Bridge Finance or Short Term finance from Banks / Financial Institutions
  6. Negotiation with Banks & Financial Institutions & arranging for Facility Letter
  7. Venture Capital for Seed, Series A & Series B rounds from own resources in case of start-up and growth
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