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Packaging is currently experiencing phenomenal growth, making it one of the fastest growing sectors.In a country where economy is constantly improving and the consumer base consists of 1.25 billion thriving population, every product faces new challenges everyday. Competition is steep and in order to survive products must constantly offer something new, the quality has to improvise and consumers must be offered ease of use along with attractive looks and design. No wonder that packaging has become a part and parcel of most of the sectors operating here.

From FMCG products, to explosives, everything has to be properly packed before being moved. The rise of online shopping with sites like sell millions of products which are further packed and parcelled to the consumer. Every product has to move from its factory to the warehouse, from where it is collected by the whole-seller and then distributed in the market. Packaging is functional in all these stages.

Indian Packaging Industry is currently valued at US $13 billion and ranks 11th in the world. It is expected that the Indian packaging industry will grow to US $17 billion by 2016, with a growth rate of 25% in the plastic packaging segment alone. Technology plays a major role in this industry and a bulk of the machineries is imported from abroad. Most packaging companies now have access to the best of equipments and are catering to the demands of the increasing number of middle class who want to enjoy good quality, hygienic products which are also good-looking.

On the other hand, various MNCs have entered the scenario observing the high opportunity in this sector. They are also racing ahead of others because of better R&D and sustainable ecosystem. Recycling of used products is also a process which many are adopting for cost saving. Undoubtedly this has given rise to competition in the local market, and small players in this sector are also offering best innovation and branding. All these factors are contributing to a sector which is not only growing but also constantly improvising on the level of quality of the products.


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