Its always good to have self-belief and the required confidence to push one beyond own boundaries. That is the reason we have inventions & technologies all around driving every moment of our life. Dreaming big and moving on the roadmap can lead to success but only if the road taken is right and you are well informed before taking any decision. Make sure that you are not trying to copy someone else's success story and build your dream empire around that. This will make you fall flat on your face and will take away major few years of our career.

I am making this simple as to what I am talking about.

Most of the young generation today are well acquainted with different "Apps" which are said to make our lives earlier& better. Companies which run business through these apps have grown to become "Unicorn" (Valued over US $ 1 Billion) and there are several hundred which have very decent revenue generation and as such enjoy high valuations from investors.

What we don't see here is the success rate in the competition and if we really take a close look the success rate will be seen as less than 2%. Yes, what you just read is correct and should be an eye opener to all budding entrepreneurs dreaming of having a successful start-up without having the ground reality check done.

As a venture capital company, we receive several investment proposals from start-up companies from around the world which are rejected mainly for the following reason:

  • Business model which is a copy of model of other similar successful Companies without understanding of the time gap
  • Improper roadmap and trying to camouflage essential factors
  • Improper management team which lacks coordination among themselves
  • Undisciplined approach
  • Myth that there is a venture capital company eagerly waiting to offer funds to every start-up/li>

The global scenario of venture capital funding is going through a paradigm shift. What was comparatively easier in earlier years will be tougher going forward and start-up companies have to go through much stringent evaluation process for getting their business funded.

Just few years back, it was around 5 companies which were getting funded among 1000 contenders. The fig in the recent years is 3 among 3000 contenders.

There is no school as of now which can teach a comprehensive way of handling a start-upCompany. However, become a self-learner and try to gather that best of the information what you can have. You will be able to have your own notes on business success & failure reasons and it is always good to learn from the mistake of others.