What is EVA ?
For tech ideas with tremendous business potential, EVA us a unique opportunity. This is a platform meant for aspiring start-ups ideas who strive to find attention and funding for their projects. EVA offers incubation cum acceleration program to such selected start-up projects.

EVOLVE: Evolution of ideas lead to running through the business concept to make the logic of the project appropriate and to understand the positive changes it can create to the economy.

VET: Once the business logic is established, it must now be vetted for techno-commercial viability and the founders' appetite and ability to grow the start-up.

ACCELERATE: It is the process wherein the business model is technically defined, and a minimum viable product (MVP) is created for customer acceptance and market testing.

What Problem Does EVA Address ?

  • Selling only a concept is tough
  • Space is highly competitive
  • VCs lack expertise of evaluation at very early stages
  • There is risk of investing too much on too little
  • VCs have limited funding at concept stage
  • Promising start-up ideas get lost in the struggle to climb the ladder

What to expect from EVA?
Futuristic projects for the betterment of the lifestyle and economy : EVA is created with the aspiration to bring real changes in the world for its sustenance and betterment. The best and brightest minds under 30 years of age with a similar vision for the future will work on their projects to bring forth these changes. A way for creative minds to achieve the best from their technology driven business ideas in the safety of the program : The founders of the selected projects need not worry about living cost or infrastructure whilst they are being nurtured by the especially created eco-system by EVA.

For the successfully accepted projects, EVA will provide :

  • In-house product development
  • Incubation up to 24 weeks
  • Industry guidance of international standards
  • Acceleration to make the product market ready

What does EVA give to accepted start-ups ?
Infrastructure: EVA will provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, including office space, where the accepted projects can safely take-off.
Stipend: The founders will receive an appropriate industry standard monthly stipend while they are working on their projects.
Accommodation: Furnished serviced accommodation will be provided free of cost for housing the founders during the project tenure under EVA.
360o Mentorship: The founders will receive guidance from mentors and industry experts from different domains.
Post successful MVP within 24 weeks, the start-ups will get follow-up funding from EVA and Orange Corp for the product launch.
EVA will reserve the right to accept or reject such project at any stage prior to / during the / post MVP.


  • Asset light technology-based business idea which have the vision of improving lifestyle, scalable and sustainable
  • Founders' team should have minimum of 3 members having known each other for minimum 3 years and share the common vision
  • One of the founding members must have software based technical background
  • Willing to work full time on the business idea under EVA

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