Film Producing & Production : Production & Co-Production

The last few years have observed a rapid change in the people's taste for films. Old concepts are soon becoming outdated and newer, smarter movies are making their way into the list of hit films.

Orange Corp has been active with its own production with content driven modern age cinema that is ready to grab audience attention in no time. Years of research and being part of the industry in multiple countries help us analyse the trends of industry and act accordingly.

We have our own content and developments are made on continuous basis for production. The projects are either fully produced by us and / or are also co-produced.

We do seek projects developed by producers on individual capacity where there is scope of co-production. These projects are taken up for evaluation once the preproduction is done and director is attached to the project. Our participation is made either through equity route or debt route or both depending on the project.

Our creative team forms part of the producers' team seeking co-production for evaluation and also for providing inputs wherever needed and budget is set for approval by us. We do help is attaching cast as per the character requirement.

Our involvement remains in the entire project including marketing and realisation.