Investment - Fashion & Apparels

The requirement never goes out of style. Style may change but demand is always on the rise be it for clothing or for shoes. This industry to some extent has organic growth and with new trends in the market demand is also generated. Further, promotional schemes from brands lead to impulse buying. Whatever might be the reason, the industry growth is positive all thorough the years.

We promote and support brands bringing in innovations with natural materials for their product line but at the same time designs need to be modern and innovative. Further, if this product line can support community involving women from lower income group to be a part of production process, we feel more interested.

We encourage brands to buy back old garments as a part of promotion to have alternate use and reuse.

World revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2028) of 8.92% having a market volume of US$ 932 B by 2028.