Investment - Information Technology

For us information technology includes communication technology as well. Considering what is new today will be outdated tomorrow, it's difficult to keep things new. The need will always be to preserve data and improve on communication.

It's our endeavour always to invest in companies directly or indirectly dealing with data handling either through storage devices or data centres or any other media and their continuous need for modernisation. Disaster Recovery and Disaster Management are of extreme importanceand investments are made for something which no one wouldlike to be a reality. However, this being critical for businesses, this goes hand in hand while building world class infrastructure.

Our investments also go in for improving communication systems and channels so as to ensure seamless transition when a disaster management plan is activated so that for the end user there is minimal or almost no time lag.

With more and more companies outsourcing this data storage and management as against managing their own infrastructure which is not their focus or main activity as also this requires specialised expertise, the business with the IT companies are bound to grow manifolds.

World revenue in this sector is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2028) of 18.22% having a market volume of US$ 863 B by 2028.