Venture Capital & Business Incubator

Orange Corp is one of world's leading Venture Capital companies in the LP (Limited Partner) category and Film Production house.

With presence in 32 countries, investments are made in start-ups, early-stage businesses and in business having significant growth prospect. Venture debt forms a part of the portfolio extended to established companies having proven track record and significant growth prospect.

Our physical presence across geographies gives us the advantage of understanding the opportunities and threats which help in our proper allocation of resources.

Investments are in assets which includes Equity, Growth Equity, Venture Debt, Film Library & IPR and Real Estate.

Our focus industries for investments are the following although we do consider other industries not in the listed category. These industries have huge potential and essential to the mankind and its development be it the basic needs of people or for comfort and luxury.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Fashion & Apparels
  • Foods & Food Security
  • Information Technology

We are happy to have been able to introduce Venture Capital both in the form of equity and venture debt for film production &film release being one among the first few Venture Capital companies to invest in Films& Entertainment Industry and the first one to have integrated film production units as well.

Business Incubator

With our knowledge on industries, understanding of global and local regulations, we do a gap & requirement analysis for every start-up & early-stage business funded by us. Our Company acts as "Business Incubator" which apart from providing capital,train the budding entrepreneurs on every aspect of function required for efficient running of their businesses.

These include but not limited to the following which can help in building up a sustainable business.

  • Understanding of Government policies
  • Assessment of Business Risks
  • Corporate policies & compliance
  • Preparedness for changing economic scenario
  • Leadership and team building

Our team of professionals possess vast experience in technical, techno commercial, commercial, legal, finance & corporate governance, taxation and stands for the highest level of integrity, efficiency and time bound approach. The motto is to provide "Knowledge Based Guidance for Sustainable Growth" keeping in tune with the global standards and changing economic scenerio. This includes process improvements and handholding the leadership team, helping them to manage their businesses and in turn what is passed on is value for money and a roadmap for a better tomorrow.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of our key expertises and continuous research is carried out for innovations, quality improvements, efficiency and cost reduction.